Different Tracks for Different Skill Levels ...


I can teach you from the beginning ...

You don't need to be an experienced photographer to enjoy one of my tours, just have a passion for adventure and a willingness to learn! 

I am a patient teacher and can walk you through all of the steps you need to capture stunning images, from gear selection (before the trip begins) to all of the steps that follow to make great images for yourself. Let's get you out in the field and see what you are able to create with a little help from a pro!

And if you are an experienced shooter?

Then you will love what I have in store for you as I guide you to the best locations and the best light at the best possible times.

Oh, and please note that I would divide my tours so that experienced shooters and newbies are never together. Both groups have very different needs and move at very different speeds, so I make sure you are with people who won't slow you down.