people share their impressions.



people share their impressions.

What folks have to say ...


“Mark Vanderkam is the real deal. He is an outstanding photographer who has devoted himself to the Canadian landscape. On top of that, he is offering tours using his intimate knowledge of wilderness locations throughout his territory. I highly recommend Mark as a guide for any photographer looking to explore the Canadian wilderness.“ 

Marc Adamus ~ Corvallis, Oregon


“Mark, your trips are high energy, for sure!

“I have to say that after the eight days we spent together as you drove me far and wide through the Canadian Rockies, I felt like I needed another week off to recover! We would head out every morning before 6:00 am for sunrise and didn't finish many nights until well after dark, especially if we were shooting stars or looking for aurora borealis. The fact it was often more than 20-degrees C below zero didn't help matters!

“But the shots made it all worthwhile ...

“I was blown away at your dedication to chase down moving storm fronts and weather systems in your vehicle on those icy mountain roads, so we could get set up in time to find a composition and capture images as the light developed. I think we covered over 3,000 km in eight days and visited countless awesome shooting locations. It will take me months to work through the backlog of shots on my memory cards, and as I do I will relive those wonderful moments over again.

“I also liked how you would lay out the two or three best options for upcoming locations as the weather picture came into focus and then let me make the decision as to which shot/location I wanted to pursue to add to my portfolio. I look forward to more tours with you in the years to come!“

S. Sharma ~ Ohio, USA

Mark, thank you for your hard work helping me get to so many excellent locations in Waterton National Park. It was a pleasure hiking those steep trails with you and getting access to amazing mountain lakes and waterfalls. I also appreciate your pre-scouting and knowledge of where to find some of the best compositions at the best times of day for lighting conditions. As you know, I have hired guides for my photography travels in various places from Europe to South America. You stand out because of your deep knowledge and passion for photography and understanding where and when to get the best shots. I feel you helped me to raise the bar on my photography while also making sure I had safe enjoyable treks in prime grizzly bear habitat. I recommend your guiding service to anyone looking to explore the Canadian mountains. I also look forward to setting up private tours with you in the Rockies in winter and also next fall in the Yukon and northern British Columbia to photograph glaciers and aurora borealis.“

Dr. A.A. ~ New Brunswick


"Hi Mark, I wanted to thank you again for organizing and leading that most excellent adventure to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Your knowledge of the area resulted in us having the most incredible campsite right beside the beach, and it was so great when you took us out to those islands to explore those colorful tidal pools and also paddling and shooting photos. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wanted a great trip with a great leader!"

Jen Malcom ~ Vancouver, Canada


"In 2014, my son and me spent about three weeks camping and hiking with Mark Vanderkam in Canada (Vancouver Island, central British Columbia, Rockies). During this time, I learned to know and to appreciate Mark as an absolutely competent, thoughtful, well organized and at the same time flexible and attentive tour guide. We left the entire responsibility for the success of the voyage to Mark and he provided us plenty of unforgettable experiences. Mark has an unbelievable knowledge of all the places in Canadian landscape and he has got a sensible respect for nature and wilderness. With his great experience relating to backpacking and hiking he organized all the material necessary for the trip, planned the route and navigated us safely wherever we decided to go. Tent building, cooking, take precautions respective to bears and other hazards -- all that was integrated and shared in a calm and unagitated way in our time together.

"Since that tour in Western Canada I can say that I developed a friendship to Mark. More than that I admire the trails he has done since then and which he has reported to me by his fantastic fotographs."

K. Amereller / Forest Officer, Bavarian State Forest, Germany


"Dear Mark, the trips were amazing. You got me into all kinds of wonderful situations and I got some very memorable photographs. I loved when you introduced me to cross country skiing in that northern forest, but I think the best experience of all was during the autumn trip you led, waking up in a tent beside that mountain lake and then watching you get those wild wolves howling in those long grasses by the lake as we paddled your canoe just before sunrise. Incredible memories."

E.C. George ~ Ontario, Canada

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